Call for posters and submission

Please note that only the abstracts of registered presenting authors will be inserted in the program.

Please follow these guidelines for abstracts’ submission, if you intend to present your scientific contribution (posters only).

  1. Topics should relate to fitness and motor competence assessment and monitoring in ECEC, primary school, secondary school, and grassroots youth sport
  2. Abstracts should be in standard English language and should not exceed 300 words (download module).
  3. Abstracts must be sent to
  4. Deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 31st July 2022.
  5. Decisions on abstracts will be made by 5th August 2022 and information on poster requirements will be provided in the seminar webpage.

Additionally, contributions describing National/Regional motor competence assessment practices are welcome, and authors are encouraged to network with colleagues in their geographical areas to develop and submit posters on this topic.


If you have any issues or questions regarding the submission, please contact us at